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We could write a lot about our personal stories, past bands and different projects, but who cares since only the here and now matters. We consider, it's very important to mention that we derive from different music backgrounds, what probably helped us to create rather diverse music, which is the medley of different styles, at least we find it like this.

After changes, the band current line-up was formed in 2019 and we strongly believe it will stay like this to allow us to continue the mixture of different music tastes. When we made the decision to record what we composed, we had no plans, no dreams about fame nor worldwide career, we only wanted to record the music, captured that atmosphere, don't let it pass away.... In the end, when we finished, we became more than satisfied of what we did and mainly due to the final results we inclined to keep going with it and show our music to the world.

The same as every artist, we would like to be noticed and appreciated, but not at all costs. If someone wants to become our fan will be always welcome, but the only thing we can promise is that we will continue on the same way, making the music, which represents us, our feelings and transmits our emotions. Of course, we don't discover anything and it can be maybe easy to guess where our inspirations come from, but we play with passion and we pay attention to details. 

It still isn't the history of the band since the history is just beginning.... 

Lark -  band 3
Lark - band 1
Lark - band 2
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