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Here it is our second video for the single called “In whose name” out from our debut album “Antarctica”, which was released on 12th September via Sliptrick Records.

With this song we are trying to ask a very personal, but also a common question, if I live my life for myself or maybe for someone else? All the video characters are doing different things, but for whom? Do they need the gym, dance or the risky jumping off a rock? Is this for them? If not, for whom then? In whose name?.....

Production: Paweł Skotarski

Line - up:

Veren De Heddge

Piotr Surowczyk - CFF

Mikołaj Bąk „Bacuflip"

Marcin Mroczek

Wojciech Gorzelak

Roksana Sobos


Special thanks to:

Grzegorz Dudek

Tomek Głodek

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